Our Story

Immanuel Lutheran Church began in 1949 when members of Grace Lutheran church purchased land for a new church site. Services began in a small chapel built on the site, while construction began on the new structure. On December 7, 1952, Immanuel dedicated its new structure, and began holding worship, and Sunday School for the community of north Fargo.


On June 20, 1957, a tornado struck north Fargo. Despite the tornado causing considerable damage to Immanuel and the neighboring parsonage, the Sunday School teachers that were gathered in the building at the time found safe refuge in the basement. Thanks to the support of churches in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Immanuel was able to rebuild and on March 23, 1958, dedicated their new building.


Since Immanuel was founded as a mission congregation, missions have always played a vital role in the congregation. In August of 1960, Immanuel helped support a new mission congregation in West Fargo which resulted in St. Andrew Lutheran Church. In addition to helping form St. Andrew in West Fargo in 1960, Immanuel was the "mothering" congregation for Beautiful Savior in south Fargo in 1982. Immanuel also supported the start-up of Crosspointe Lutheran in 2008.


The 1990's saw the congregation really starting to grow and physical space becoming a problem. A Long-range expansion took off, and by 2005, the expansion which included classrooms, new offices, a new fellowship area, and kitchen were completed. In 2015, Immanuel celebrated its 65th anniversary by paying off the remaining debt of the expansion.


Immanuel has been blessed by a very active lay ministry and the giving of innumerable hours of volunteer time by the many officers, Sunday School teachers, Bible Class leaders, committees, & organizations. It is also led by a gifted staff that brings God’s Word to the people of Fargo. This is Immanuel! Thanks be to God!


Pastoral Leadership

Rev. John Lutz  1950-1956
Rev. Carl Schrader  1957-1959
Rev. Alfred Thiem  1959-1991
Rev. Robert Luinstra 1971-1973
Rev. Dennis Morner  1985-1987
Rev. James Gimbel  1988-1996
Rev. Bernard Worral  1991-Now
Rev. Roger Sedlmayr  1997-2011
Rev. Steve Schulz  2011-Now
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